Seven Must-Try Winter Cocktails In Lower Manhattan

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Seven Must-Try Winter Cocktails In Lower Manhattan

When bundling up to meet friends and family from out of town or braving the cold weather to knock out all the obligatory gift-shopping in Lower Manhattan, do remember to treat yourself in between. Seek a little respite and warm yourself up with one of these rich beverages at the following establishments.  


1. “I Spy” at The Beekman’s Bar Room

Swing by the luxurious Beekman Hotel and relax in the Bar Room with a signature dessert-inspired drink: They call it the I Spy. “The name is a play on Iced Pie as it was created to remind us of the comforting baked fruit pies of fall and winter,” Allison Monique Ante, director of sales and marketing for The Beekman, told the Alliance. The cocktail is mixed with blackberries, almond, hints of clove and cinnamon and others and fortified with a dollop of aged cachaca. (123 Nassau St.)


2. Noble Monk Potion at Five & Dime

Stop into the Woolworth Building for this fiery number at Five & Dime, coffee bar by day, bar bar by night. The glowing golden Noble Monk Potion is comprised of amaretto, marshmallow and allspice dram, then topped off with hard cider and served in a classic champagne coupe. Bartender Kaitlin Edwards: “The allspice dram adds a spicy seasonal aroma that is nicely complemented by the amaretto and hard-cider combo.” (8 Park Pl.)


3. Apricot Hot Toddy at Fresh Salt

This friendly neighborhood bar by South Street Seaport is offering up something extra-welcoming: The apricot hot toddy, a mix of apricot brandy, fresh lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon, honey and garnished with a cinnamon stick. “It’s in our new brunch cocktail menu,” owner Sara Williams said, “but we can make it anytime.” (146 Beekman St.)



4. Spiked Hot Apple Cider at Fraunces Tavern

Consider the more classic route at the historic Fraunces Tavern, whose barkeeps mix George Dickel No.1 white corn whiskey with turmeric, ginger, maple syrup, orange juice and spices. (54 Pearl St.)


5. Frozen Peppermint Slide at Industry Kitchen

For the sweet tooth, Industry Kitchen is serving up its Frozen Peppermint Slide, a delicious snowball that combines vodka, peppermint schnapps, crème de cacao, cream and peppermint chocolate sprinkles. (70 South St.)


6. Hot Mulled Gin at The Lovelace

A cocktail in a teacup? Yes, please. Stop in at The Lovelace, the gin-swilling outpost of the historic Fraunces Tavern building, for — you got it — a hot mulled gin, made with Dingle Original Irish Gin, star anise, cardamom seeds, cinnamon sticks, pink peppercorn, orange peel, cloves, vanilla bean, Earl Grey tea, apple cider, turmeric and ginger. (66 Pearl St.)


7. Hot Apple Wassail at Porterhouse Brew Co.

Porterhouse Brew Co. is another pro-teacup operation for its hot cocktails, and the apple wassail is no exception. Porterhouse’s Cian Lahart described the cocktail as something inspired from Medieval Times that contains “hot mulled cider, drunk traditionally as an integral part of Wassailing, a drinking ritual intended to ensure a good harvest.” This particular wassail is a mixture of Applejack brandy, allspice liqueur, apple cider, citrus juices, ginger, juniper berries, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. (36 Water St.)

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