Water Street

Water Street

In the decade since releasing recommendations to improve the Water Street corridor, many of the suggestions have been implemented, and the area is in the process of transforming into a world-class pedestrian space.

To provide much-needed public space along the Water Street corridor, the Alliance collaborated with the Department of Transportation to create three interim pedestrian plazas located at Water Street and Whitehall Street, Coenties Slip and Gouverneur Lane.

Additionally, pedestrian sidewalk extensions (bump-outs) were added to enhance safety by extending the sidewalk and shortening crossing distances. The Alliance maintains planters in these spaces to further distinguish the space.

In June 2016, the City Council adopted a zoning text amendment — filed by the Alliance for Downtown New York, the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and the Department of City Planning (DCP)  — for properties along the Water Street corridor. The improvements facilitated by the amendment will create opportunities for active retail uses for nearby populations and improvement and activation of public spaces. The amendment allows:

In 2021, New York City’s Economic Development Corporation began reconstructing the southern portion of Water Street from Whitehall Street to Maiden Lane to create permanent plazas at Water Street atWhitehall Street and Coenties Slip, as well as widening the sidewalks and upgrading the plazas’ infrastructure. The Downtown Alliance will maintain the two permanent pedestrian plazas. The project is projected to be completed in July 2025. If you would like to be kept up to date, you may subscribe to the Water Street Corridor Streetscape Improvements Project quarterly newsletter. You may also reach out with any questions and feedback to: 

Community Construction Liaison, Scott Payne at:
(212) 422-8848 or [email protected]

For general inquiries, contact the outreach email or hotline
(800) 655-4424 or [email protected]