Dine Around Downtown: Cooking at Home Edition

Dine Around Downtown: Cooking at Home Edition

The “Dine Around Downtown: Cooking at Home Edition” series connects audiences with Lower Manhattan chefs to cook up signature recipes and share tips for crafting everything from complex gastronomic delights to go-to comfort foods.

Hosted by James Beard Award-winning chef and New York Times bestselling author Rocco DiSpirito, and launched during the height of the pandemic to support our downtown restaurants, chefs and Rocco each Zoomed in live to teach people at home how to prepare the dishes they were missing. Starting in 2024, Rocco will join our guest chefs in their restaurant kitchens to interact directly. Like some of your other favorite cooking shows, episodes will drop on YouTube and registrants will be able to view anytime, anywhere.

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And don’t be a stranger! Visit your old favorite haunts and make new discoveries, or check out a place you’ve been meaning to try forever, to enjoy a celebratory meal with friends and family. Our Lower Manhattan restaurant community will be happy to serve you!


Cook Along With Schilling Chef Eduard Frauneder: Learn to make his Wiener Schnitzel with Potato Salad + Cucumber Salad and Bohemian Pancakes

Episode Release Date: August 8, 2024

Eduard (Edi) Frauneder, an Austrian-born, New York–based chef, is one of the youngest people ever to receive a Michelin star. Since he started cooking professionally over 15 years ago, he has opened the popular New York City dining hotspots Seäsonal, Edi & the Wolf, Bar Freud and Schilling as well as the Third Man. He is a winner of the popular “Iron Chef” TV cooking competition and a frequent TV guest.

Join Rocco and chef Edi, who will show participants how to make wiener schnitzel with potato salad and cucumber salad, and bohemian pancakes.