Public Safety

Our Public Safety team provides an impactful and positive improvement to the safety and quality of life in Lower Manhattan through a variety of programs.

Eyes and Ears

Our 50 public safety officers patrol the streets 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that Lower Manhattan continues to be a safe and welcoming place. Since 1995, they have been ambassadors for the neighborhood and are constantly on alert to help deter crime and assist our community.

Working With NYPD

Sharing an office with the NYPD Downtown Center, the Downtown Alliance’s Public Safety office works closely with the 1st Precinct. Our public safety staff is trained by the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Bureau, and assist the local precinct in dealing with thefts and crime prevention.

Maintaining Quality of Life

Our public safety officers are uniquely equipped to address quality of life issues. From monitoring street vendors and ticket sellers, from reporting illegal parking to ensuring that our street furniture is kept in good condition, their regular surveys help keep the district in good order.

Helping Our Homeless Neighbors

Since 2009, the Alliance has partnered with Trinity Church and the Bowery Residents Committee to provide homeless outreach services to supplement work of the city’s Department of Homeless Services. With services including stabilization beds, public and private shelters, drop-in centers and hospital care, the program has generated positive results with hundreds of individuals placed into homes.