Public Space Management

The Downtown Alliance works to keep Lower Manhattan looking its best. You’ll see our staff hard at work tending seasonal flowers and plantings, installing holiday lighting, maintaining street furniture and sprucing up public spaces. Our efforts make Lower Manhattan a beautiful place to live, work and visit.


The Alliance designs and maintains a variety of seasonal plantings at Bowling Green, Mannahatta Park and Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza. It also oversees seasonal planting designs for light pole baskets along Broadway and Nassau Street. In addition, we maintain over 100 DOT planters by Bowling Green, Albany Plaza, Gouverneur Lane, the NYSE security zone and other locations throughout the district, as well as 23 rectangular planters along Greenwich Street. Our signature Greenwich Street planters came out of the Greenwich South plan, and add much-needed greenery along the corridor. 

Winter Holiday Decorations

Since its founding in 1995, the Downtown Alliance has installed holiday lights throughout the district. Our recently expanded holiday landscaping program features evergreen garland wraps on light poles along Broadway, Nassau Street and Stone Street, and in Mannahatta Park, as well as decorations at Bowling Green and Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza.

Tables and Chairs

As an amenity to the public, the Downtown Alliance sets out and maintains the tables and chairs at Water and Whitehall Plaza, Coenties Slip Plaza, Gouverneur Lane, Albany Plaza and the bump-out on Broad Street by Exchange Place.