Metalworking demonstrations that delve into the crucial role of blacksmiths during the Age of Sail, both on land and aboard ships at sea. These events will spark interest into the maritime blacksmithing trade and provide visitors with insight into the construction and maintenance of historic vessels, like the 1885 tall ship Wavertree. Metalworker and long-time Seaport Museum volunteer Barry Greene will enlighten viewers about the tools and materials employed by smiths. Through live showcases, he will demonstrate the historical art of crafting rivets, spikes, and various tools. Witness the creation of vital components that held hulls together; learn about the diverse array of tools created by blacksmiths such as those utilized by the ship’s carpenter, pots and utensils employed by the cook, harpoons and knives used by whalers, and even colossal anchors like those near Bowne & Co. Stationers.

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Date: August 12

Time: 12:00 pm

Cost: Free

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Pier 16