Presentation of a curatorial project which invited 10 independent artists and game designers to create playable artworks themed around the individual amendments in the Bill of Rights, drawing on their effects, interpretations, and legal meanings in U.S. culture. On September 25, 1789, 12 Amendments to the still fledgling U.S. Constitution were enacted at Federal Hall by the first Congress. Sent to the States for ratification, ten would be approved and become known as the Bill of Rights. Stewarded by Representative James Madison, this codification of individual rights, was an integral compromise for the unification of the United States. Alongside this history, is the recognition and duty to communicate that this exhibit sits on Lenapehoking: a land stolen from the Indigenous Lenape peoples who continue to live in New York City and beyond. These works are intended to be understood as critical games, using the mechanisms of play to interrogate, critique, and inform common understanding of civil liberties in the 21st Century.


Start: July 4 @ 12:00 am

End: July 4 @ 12:00 am EDT

Cost: Free

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Federal Hall