In person and livestreamed. The story of the Holocaust continues far past liberation. Those born in the generations that followed especially feel the deep and resounding imprint in all aspects of their lives. In these surprisingly inspiring and heart-opening stories, we learn how the daughter of a French resistance fighter must choose between a life of activism and her own survival. We see how the son and grandson of Tuvia Bielsky, leader of the partisans, contend with the legacy of a hero. We’ll see the unexpected fear one grandson feels as he visits his family’s home in Germany, 65 years after his family fled the Nazis. As one daughter wonders if the price of encouraging her father to give testimony is greater than the benefit. Victims of the Holocaust are mourned, and those who survived have imprinted the next generations in innumerable ways.

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Date: April 20

Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: $36

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