STEM Supremes is a series of conversations with leading women in science and tech exploring their careers, discoveries, insights, and what they see on the horizon in their respective fields. This event will feature Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer, Curator and Professor, Department of Astrophysics, at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Dr. Oppenheimer is a comparative exoplanetary scientist: she studies planets orbiting stars other than the Sun by trying to see them directly and to dissect their chemical compositions. The co-discoverer of Gliese 229B, the first object smaller than a star ever seen outside the solar system, her research includes the development of new astronomical instrumentation that allow the direct investigation of objects in other solar systems. Dr. Oppenheimer serves on numerous national and international committees related to astronomical research, physics and the state of astrophysics, including three terms on the NASA Astrophysics Senior Review. A dedicated educator and science communicator, Dr. Oppenheimer is an Adjunct Professor of Astronomy at Columbia University. She has also curated or co-curated programs including the AstroBulletin series of news items and bi-annual documentaries, the Digital Universe Atlas, the space show Journey to the Stars and the exhibit Searching for New Worlds.