The elegant Chinese lifestyle is a concept that encompasses a refined way of living that is rooted in traditional Chinese culture and values. It emphasizes simplicity, harmony, balance, and an appreciation for beauty and nature. At its core, the elegant Chinese lifestyle is about cultivating a sense of inner peace and contentment through living in harmony with one’s surroundings, whether it’s through practicing calligraphy, enjoying tea ceremonies, practicing tai chi, or simply taking walks in nature. It also involves a deep appreciation for art and culture, including poetry, painting, music, and literature, as well as a respect for one’s ancestors and a commitment to preserving and passing on cultural traditions to future generations. At this lecture, Prof. Lu Xichen, a renowned author and practitioner of the topic, will conduct a fascinating exploration of this holistic approach to life and discuss the benefits of Confucius and Daoist classics, tea, poetry, martial arts, musical instruments, chess, calligraphy, painting, and traveling, all of which contribute to improving our overall well-being.

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