In the wake of the reunification of China, the Nationalist government initiated a comprehensive planning proposal, referred to as “the Capital Plan”, to reconstruct the war-torn city of Nanjing into a modern capital. With the participation of many first-generation architects returning from Europe, the US and Japan, this monumental project brought a brand-new landscape to Nanjing as a modern city. The architectural masterpieces emerging from the project dotted the city in their varied forms and styles, representing the highest standards of Chinese architecture of the time. As a result, the city itself had become a grand museum of modern architecture, contributing to “the beauty of Nanjing that still resonates in China”, in the words of CNN. Dr. Wang Xiaoqian, a renowned scholar and architect, will relate the stories of the capital plan as well as the course and characteristics of urban construction and architectural development of Nanjing from 1912 to 1949.

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Date: October 29

Time: 8:00 pm

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