Join Nobel Prize-winning author Venki Ramakrishnan and Titia de Lange, Director of the Anderson Center for Cancer Research at The Rockefeller University in a discussion that will unveil the strides science has made in understanding aging and longevity—and Ramakrishnan’s new book, Why We Die: The New Science of Aging and the Quest for Immortality. Unraveling the universal human fear of death, Ramakrishnan traces our historical attempts to evade its inevitability—from religious afterlife beliefs to the existential realization in childhood that all we cherish is short-lived. He guides readers through the cutting-edge research shaping our understanding of mortality and raises the tantalizing possibility of extending our lifespan exponentially. As he navigates the recent breakthroughs in altering physiology to extend life, he contemplates life, and the biological purpose of death, and probes the social and ethical implications of pursuing immortality.


Date: April 16

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Cost: Free

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