Lights On…In Lower Manhattan

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Lights On…In Lower Manhattan


By Kelly Rush

Turbo Tax and I were working together quite nicely. Everything was going well. But as I went to hit “submit” to send my forms electronically to the IRS, something malfunctioned and I shook my head. It just couldn’t be that easy. A few days and phone calls later, the forms were accepted and I could go on my way. I’m a woman who likes to celebrate the completion of tax time with the help of a sommelier. But if that’s not your thing, or if you owe a bunch of money and it’s all your fault, perhaps you need a few different ways to recuperate, drown your sorrows and relieve your stresses. Here are my picks for establishments that will help you move on with your life already.

As usual, if you see any new retailers or spot changes to a long-time friend, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll check them out. I’ll be back with news of new openings in my next column.

SoulCycle – 103 Warren Street
(212) 406-1300 |

A friend of mine recently relayed a story in which she was kicked out of a spinning class for not properly signing in, and this prompted her to weep. If spinning is that important to people, you know it must do something incredible for the mind, body and spirit. SoulCycle offers a full-body workout that incorporates weights and core exercises so that your upper body will look like it belongs to the same person as your lower body. Listen to music designed to pump you up, enjoy a community of like-minded people, respect your temple.

White Horse Tavern – 25 Bridge Street
(212) 668-9046

If you owe a lot of money to the IRS, the last thing you want to do is spend more money consoling yourself. This is where the specials at White Horse Tavern come in. They host an all-day happy hour with beer as inexpensive as $3. If you want a pricier draft, you must find a whole 50 cents more. Or take advantage of their offer of a 16-oz can of Pabst and a shot of house liquor for $5. If you’re looking to completely forget your troubles for an evening, this establishment has you covered. I understand that bankruptcy judges take pity on people for spending a little money on alcohol. Or leave the credit card at home and use cash. It leaves no trace.

Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolates – 3 Hanover Square
(212) 422-9600 |

When late afternoon strikes and I feel blah, I eat chocolate. After dinner when I want something sweet, I eat chocolate. I eat chocolate when I’m happy and I eat a little more when I’m stressed. The Belgians do a lot of things right. I’m a particular fan of their beer, but I also love their chocolate, and you can find plenty of it at Leonidas. The fresh, candied orange peel dipped in bittersweet chocolate is a big draw, as is the Gianduja, a pure almond and hazelnut praline. Other top sellers include the praline with a bit of biscuit for a satisfying crunch or the version with chopped California almonds.

Spring Thyme Day Spa – 27 William Street, Suite 812
(212) 385-4975 |

The few times I’ve treated myself to a spa package, I’ve walked out of the establishment feeling light and pampered and like a bunch of friends just gave me a hug. So if you’re depressed, what better remedy than having a team of professionals focus all their attention and energy into making you feel better. This spa offers a host of services, including spa staples such as facials and massage, plus acupuncture, infra-therapy, waxing and customized herbal remedies. Spring Thyme has an Eastern vibe and feels homey and welcoming. It’s a great place to relax and find a bit of balance.

For more information on retailers in Lower Manhattan, visit the Alliance for Downtown New York at You can check out an interactive map with details on hours, locations and services and search the events calendar. Or, stay connected through the Downtown Alliance iPhone app, available for download on the website.

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