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Celebrate the Reinterment at the African Burial Ground

Nineteen years ago, 419 human remains were shipped from a laboratory in Washington D.C. back to their final resting place at the African Burial Ground National Monument in Lower Manhattan. The “reinterment,” as it is known, was a chance to restore dignity to the hundreds of free and enslaved Black people who worked and lived in colonial New York, with each skeleton placed in a new hand-carved coffin and lowered into the ground. The burial ground was first discovered in 1991, when routine construction work turned up what was eventually revealed to be a large burial ground for the…

$10 Meals from 10 Restaurants: Lunch Box Is Coming to Fosun Plaza

Not that lunchtime ever gets stale in Lower Manhattan, but it’s just about time to get…

What Time Is It? That’s Right. It’s Shred-a-Thon and Clothing Drop-Off Time.

The hour is nigh to once again round up your old wardrobe and unwanted documents that are…

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Whether you’re making the most of a weekend getaway or looking for ways to mix up your lunch break, Downtown New York has all the shopping, dining and entertainment you could ask for. From City Hall to The Battery, savor one-of-a-kind flavors, discover awe-inspiring museums, catch a show and so much more.

When one square mile contains infinite possibility, you never know what’s next. So get going, and see what’s happening in Downtown New York.

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Managing the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Business Improvement District (BID), the Downtown Alliance is your first and best business resource. Whether you’re dreaming of a grand opening or big-time growth, we’re here to help in more ways than one.

Who is the downtown alliance

Our mission at the Alliance for Downtown New York is to provide service, advocacy, research and information to enhance the quality of life in Lower Manhattan and advance the vibrant neighborhood as a global model of a 21st century Central Business District. By supporting economic development, public safety, sanitation, transportation and more, we strive to make Lower Manhattan an exciting, clean and safe place to live, work and play.

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