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A Walkable Guide on Public Art

The walkable square mile south of Chambers Street is, in fact, a grand, open-air museum, with dozens of permanent and temporary installations of large-scale sculpture and public art. (more…)

Historical Highlights

From City Hall to The Battery, this tour affords a unique window onto Lower Manhattan and offers visitors an overview of some of the most significant...

The Age of Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton played a key role in establishing the institutions and policies that have come to define America. A tour of Hamilton’s life and...

On The Water

Manhattan’s waterfront has shaped the history of the city and the United States. The harbor in Lower Manhattan is also home to some of the city’s...

Two-Day Itinerary

There’s so much to do in Lower Manhattan, two days here will only begin to scratch the surface. (more…)

One-Day Itinerary

Starting at City Hall Park, this tour takes you through Lower Manhattan's most important architectural landmarks and must-see sights. (more…)

Take a Tour Downtown

The best way to understand this dynamic neighborhood is to take a guided tour with one of our top tour companies in Lower Manhattan. (more…)

Biking In Lower Manhattan: Beginner, Intermediate And Expert Routes

Bicycles have always been one of the greatest ways to feel freedom in New York City. It’s the eco-friendly way to unlock parts of the city while...

Everything You Need To Know To Start Biking In Lower Manhattan

We are potentially entering a golden era of biking in New York City. The pandemic has driven even some of the most reluctant city dwellers into...

Mask Up, Head Downtown: 11 Things to Do in Lower Manhattan Right Now

With New York City’s phased reopening still underway, now is the perfect time for New Yorkers to head Downtown and explore New York’s most...