Alliance for Downtown New York Honors Nine Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

Alliance for Downtown New York Honors  Nine Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

The Alliance for Downtown New York honored nine Public Safety Officers for their outstanding service and success in making Lower Manhattan one of the city's safest neighborhoods.  The ceremony, a tradition which has been upheld for 23 years, was held this morning at Bobby Van’s Grill & Steakhouse on Broad Street.

Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin presented the awards, together with SVP of Operations Ron Wolfgang and Director of Public Safety Tom Dunn.

"We are so proud of the public safety team and the work they do for Lower Manhattan," said Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin. From connecting people in need with the proper services to reuniting lost children with their families, this year's honorees showcase how we can make a difference in people's lives."  


The Public Safety Officers received recognition from the Downtown Alliance for the following:

Security Officer Jerry MarcusOn January 6, Officer Marcus was on motor patrol and observed a man jumping on a parked taxi and kicking in the windshield at Broadway and Fulton Street. Officer Marcus offered assistance to the cab driver who was shaken up, but unharmed and then notified dispatch, who helped send NYPD’s First Precinct to the scene within minutes. They took the emotionally disturbed man into custody and EMS transported him to Bellevue Hospital.

Security Officer James Paige On April 13, Officer Paige was conducting his daily train assignment on Broadway and Maiden Lane when he observed a man exposing himself and harassing pedestrians as they walked by. Officer Paige immediately alerted dispatch who notified 911. The police responded and took the emotionally disturbed man to an area hospital.

Supervisor Luis Soto, Lieutenant Kenny Thomas, and Security Officer Brandon Green On July 4, Officer Thomas was approached by an eight-year-old boy at Fulton Street and Broadway. The boy appeared lost and did not speak English. After a pedestrian offered to translate for the boy, it was determined he had become separated from his parents and was unable to find them. Officer Thomas notified dispatch and 911 with a description of the parents and where they were last seen. When dispatch transmitted the information over the radio, Officer Green identified the parents on Maiden Lane and Broadway. The child was reunited with his family with the help of Officers Thomas and Green, Supervisor Luis Soto, and the NYPD.

Supervisors Jaquan Brown, Paul Lapera, and Turhan White — On April 15, dispatch announced that a child had been found at the corner of John and Nassau streets.  Supervisors Brown, Lapera and White responded to the location with Administrative Judge Tonia Robinson who brought the child to her office until the family could be located. Supervisor Brown posted on social media that a boy had been separated from his family, along with his location and the Downtown Alliance’s contact information. Supervisor Lapera located the boy’s grandmother at the corner of John and William streets while Supervisor White found the grandfather back at the corner of John and Nassau streets. The grandparents were taken to the judge’s office and reunited with their grandchild.

Supervisors Turhan White and Jaquan Brown, and Security Officer Lili Serrano — On September 27, Officer Serrano was on patrol at the corner of Fulton and Nassau streets when she was approached by a man who said that he wanted to kill himself. Officer Serrano notified dispatch who alerted 911. EMS responded and identified the man from a previous encounter. The man was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital for observation.

Criminal activity in Lower Manhattan has dropped considerably since the Downtown Alliance and NYPD began working together over a decade ago. Today, we employ a team of nearly 60 public safety officers who work closely with New York City Police Department’s Manhattan South Task Force to keep the neighborhood safe.  In addition, these proud men and women also help locals and visitors alike with general information, directions and personal recommendations on how to best experience Lower Manhattan.

This year's awards ceremony was hosted by our partners Allied Universal, a leading provider of security services.