Alliance for Downtown New York Honors Nine Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

Alliance for Downtown New York Honors  Nine Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

The Alliance for Downtown New York honored nine Public Safety Officers yesterday for their outstanding service and success in making Lower Manhattan one of the city's safest neighborhoods.  The ceremony, a tradition which has been upheld for 21 years, was held at Bobby Van’s Grill & Steakhouse on Broad Street.


Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin presented the awards, together with SVP of Operations Ron Wolfgang and Director of Public Safety Tom Dunn.


"Our public safety officers are the ambassadors of Lower Manhattan and they act as our eyes and ears on the street. Not only do they brave the elements every day but they often demonstrate bravery and quick thinking wherever help is needed," said Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin.  "We are proud of their dedication and prouder still to take a moment and recognize them for their unparalleled service."


The Public Safety Officers received recognition from the Downtown Alliance for the following:


Security Officer Nathan Turner – On January 28, Officer Turner observed a physical altercation between two women at Battery Place and Bowling Green, kept eyes on the scene and suspect and contacted 911. Because of his call, the NYPD responded and were able to arrest the individual.


Supervisors Jayquan Brown and Jesus Gamboa, and Security Officers Jerry Marcus and Joseph Zapata – On July 9, a civilian notified Officer Zapata of a robbery at Cedar Street and Broadway.  After locating and confirming the incident with the victim, Officer Zapata notified 911 via Dispatch and engaged Supervisor Gamboa and Officer Marcus to help canvas the area.  Shortly after, the perpetrator was located by our Security Officers and when NYPD arrived on the scene hey were able to apprehend the individual.   


Supervisor Jayquan Brown and Security Officers Theresa Seignious and Calvin Staton – On March 11 at Fulton and Water Streets, Officer Staton witnessed a verbal altercation between a man, who later turned out to be an NYPD plainclothes officer, and a couple.  The woman stuck the officer in the face and the pair fled the scene but not before the plainclothes officer was able to take a photo of the suspects.  Following the incident, the photo was shared among the public safety team which helped to identify the pair.  All information was shared with the First Precinct Detective Unit who apprehended the couple.


Supervisor Turhan White and Security Officer Nafacia Evans – On April 28, Officer Evans witnessed a women get struck by falling debris from a nearby building.  Officer Evans requested EMS and remained with the woman until they arrived while Supervisor White helped to secure the area and redirect pedestrians. EMS responded and took the woman to NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital.


The 57 public safety officers, known for their bright red uniforms, work hand in hand with the New York City Police Department’s Manhattan South Task Force, which shares the NYPD Downtown Center with the Downtown Alliance’s Public Safety Office. Criminal activity in Lower Manhattan has dropped considerably since the Downtown Alliance and NYPD began working together over a decade ago. The public safety team is also trained to provide visitors to Lower Manhattan with directions, district maps, and recommendations on local attractions. Last year marked a record breaking year for tourism, with almost 15 million visitors coming to Lower Manhattan.


This year's awards ceremony was hosted by our partners Allied Universal, a leading provider of security services.