Bike Infrastructure And Commuting In Lower Manhattan

Bike Infrastructure And Commuting In Lower Manhattan

The Alliance for Downtown New York released a report detailing the importance and growth of cycling, as an alternative transportation method in commuting to work in Lower Manhattan.

“The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced us all to rethink many of our most basic routines,” said Jessica Lappin, President of the Alliance for Downtown New York. “For both employers and employees, having a robust collection of options of how to get to and from the office will now be more important than ever.”

The Alliance’s study documents that, in Lower Manhattan, more than 2.3 miles of bike lanes and 28 Citi Bike stations supplement the neighborhood’s 15 ferry routes, 13 subway lines and two PATH lines — helping make Lower Manhattan among the most easily accessible business districts in America.

The study also reveals that 

  • Over 20% of Lower Manhattan’s workforce already either walks or bikes to work. 
  • Among those living in Lower Manhattan, over 30% walk or bike to work.
  • In 15 minutes or less by bicycle, the district can easily be reached from most of Manhattan south of 23rd Street, as well as from key neighborhoods along waterfront Brooklyn.
  • The neighborhoods where the most people currently bike to Lower Manhattan are seeing their populations grow. These communities are home to more than 508,000 New Yorkers — over half of whom are college-educated and more than one-third work in creative and professional industries. 

  Read the Bike Infrastructure And Commuting In Lower Manhattan report.