First-Of-Its-Kind Selfie Kiosk Is Unveiled In Lower Manhattan

First-Of-Its-Kind Selfie Kiosk Is Unveiled In Lower Manhattan

Already one of New York City’s top destinations, Lower Manhattan further boosted its appeal with the unveiling of a new Selfie Kiosk. The first of its kind kiosk enables visitors to create a new “Kodak moment” for the 21st Century and share their selfies across email, Twitter and Facebook. The kiosk is another way the district continues to try and raise the bar in innovation and creativity.

“Postcards and photo booths were the old school way to share memories.  Today, the selfie is the way to mark a moment and Lower Manhattan is proudly innovating with our selfie kiosk,” said Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin. “We’ve created this fun, first of its kind way for visitors to share their experiences. There isn’t anything like it anywhere in the world. We are particularly excited to be using social media here, as social media is quickly becoming the new word of mouth in the tourism industry and landscape and is in fact set to become one of 2015’s biggest trends in the tourism industry.”   

Lower Manhattan’s Selfie Kiosk is located in Albany Plaza, which sets One World Trade Center in the background of the photo. One World Trade is one of Lower Manhattan’s most visited and iconic landmarks and made an ideal first location for the kiosk. Albany Plaza is managed by the Downtown Alliance, through a partnership with the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

The kiosk is designed to allow users to take instant selfie photos and then immediately share them via email and social media. The photos are branded with #LowerManhattan and include a greeting message in the style of destination postcards.

Before taking a photo, users are prompted to consent to a waiver indicating that photos taken at the booth become co-owned by the Downtown Alliance and can be used in future promotional materials. The waiver also requires that the user acknowledge he or she is at least 18 years old or giving consent for someone who is younger than 18 years old.  If a user is under 18 years of age, he or she will be able to take and share photos, but they will not become co-owned or usable by the Downtown Alliance.

The Downtown Alliance partnered with technology companies Zivelo and National Media Brands in developing the new kiosks. Zivelo worked to create an innovative structure for the kiosk that will allow it to be used in its outdoor location. National Media Brands perfectly combined the selfie experience with the traditional photo booth concept in developing a custom app that meets the needs of the unique kiosk. The equipment at the kiosk was anonymously engraved by a member of the design or construction team at one point in the kiosk’s formation. The message, a commemoration of 9/11, simply states “We will never forget.”

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