“Light and Sound” to Bring Interactive Art and Lunchtime Concerts Downtown

“Light and Sound” to Bring Interactive Art and Lunchtime Concerts Downtown

The Alliance for Downtown New York unveils “Light and Sound,” the latest series of its Art is All Around campaign. The program will bring two interactive and illuminative public art installations and a lunchtime concert series to Lower Manhattan. The art will be on view from May 10 to June 21, while the concerts will take place weekly on Wednesdays at 12pm, beginning on May 17. 

“Optik,” which will be displayed on Cortlandt Way, was created by the Urban Conga in collaboration with Serge Maheu. It features 10 movable gyroscope-like rings, each producing its own sounds and a spectrum of reflective colors. Passersby can interact with the installation by rotating the rings to create ever-changing lights and tones.

“Roseaux,” which will be located at 200 Water St., was created by 1ToMn in collaboration with UDO Design and Serge Maheu. This interactive installation of 15-foot illuminated reeds invites visitors to step onto the sensors to rhythmically propel a spectrum of colors. The reeds continuously emit gently pulsating lights and audible tones when a participant stands on the base.

“Grab your friends, grab the kids and come play! These art installations and concerts will bring joy and fun to our streets,” said Downtown Alliance president Jessica Lappin. “Late spring is a fantastic time to be out exploring Lower Manhattan, and ‘Light and Sound’ will add extra excitement and entertainment for those enjoying the fresh air and warm weather.”

“Light and Sound” will feature a weekly concert series with music and movement programmed by esteemed New York musician and producer Svetlana Shmulyian. Each Wednesday at 12pm, beginning May 17, performances will take place alternating locations between 200 Water St. and Cortlandt Way. The series seeks to capture the neighborhood’s energy and delight the lunchtime crowd with interactive music and dance performances provided by a mix of some of the city’s most exciting jazz and blues bands. 

Light and Sound Performance Schedule:

May 17 —  Alphonso Horne and His Gotham Kings @ 200 Water St.

May 24 — Charles Turner and Uptown Swing @ Cortlandt Way

May 31 — Christopher McBride & The Whole Proof @ 200 Water St.

June 7 — Svetlana & The New York Collective @ Cortlandt Way

June 14 — Kalí Rodríguez-Peña Mélange @ 200 Water St.

June 21 — Willerm Delisfort Project @ Cortlandt Way

Alphonso Horne and His Gotham Kings – May 17 @ 200 Water Street

Grammy-nominated trumpeter Alphonso Horne has put together an all-star band that weaves the sound and tap dancing of New Orleans, funk, jazz, and hip-hop to bring a celebratory spirit that uplifts every room they play.

Charles Turner and Uptown Swing – May 24 @ Cortlandt Way

Rooted in the tradition of jazz, swing and blues, Charles Turner & Uptown Swing bring fresh new energy to the performance – aided by a swing performance to engage deeper with the audience as they experience the music with their ears, hearts and feet! 

Christopher McBride & the Whole Proof – May 31 @ 200 Water Street

Christopher McBride & the Whole Proof is a jazz experience that explores the African American landscape. Multiple genres are infused throughout the music and movement: Influences from the African diaspora, R&B, hip-hop, gospel, Latin, and soul while having a strong rooting in straight-ahead swing to create a feelgood concoction that keeps people dancing in (and sometimes out of) their seats.

Svetlana & the New York Collective – June 7  @ Cortlandt Way

Svetlana is a NYC-based acclaimed chart-topping vocalist, composer and band leader. Svetlana’s band’s interactive performance blends swing, straight-ahead jazz, tap dancing, and audience participation, forging deep connections with audiences with strong vocals, charismatic performance style, exciting improvisations, movement, and engaging storytelling.

Kalí Rodríguez-Peña Mélange – June 14 @ 200 Water St.

A native of Cuba and now a resident of NYC, Kalí Rodríguez-Peña will share

an Afro-Cuban jazz experience with audiences – mixing Afro-Cuban, clave-based rhythms with jazz harmonies, techniques of improvisation, and the exciting movement elements.

Willerm Delisfort Project – June 21 @ Cortlandt Way

Pianist and composer Willerm Delisfort is a messenger of life using music as his tool. His career and music extends the continuum of musical styles that ranges from jazz, gospel, R&B and more.

Credits for art installations:


Creator: The Urban Conga

Collaborator: Serge Maheu

Owner: Init

Tour producer Creos 


Creation and artistic direction: 1ToMn

Collaborators: UDO Design & Serge Maheu

Co-owners: Init  1ToMn

Tour producer: Creos