Lower Manhattan HQ Opens Its Doors To Promote Collaboration Among NYC Tech and Creative Community

Lower Manhattan HQ Opens Its Doors To Promote Collaboration Among NYC Tech and Creative Community

The Alliance for Downtown New York today opened the doors on Lower Manhattan HQ (LMHQ), a cross sector collaboration space created to foster the ongoing evolution of Lower Manhattan into a bustling tech and creative center.

The Gensler-designed space at 150 Broadway totals 12,500 square feet and offers opportunities to work, take meetings, network and learn about industry trends. LMHQ’s 140-seat event space will be an affordable resource to companies and allow them to be a part of LMHQ and redefine what Lower Manhattan is about by inviting meet ups, hackathons and other networking opportunities. The event space will provide a range of thought leadership events and original programming from a robust partner network that includes New York Tech Meetup, New York Technology Council, Center for an Urban Future, TheLi.st, and Uncubed Wakefield; Pace University will serve as an education partner.

“Over the past several years Lower Manhattan has attracted more than 800 cutting edge technology, advertising, media and information companies and each one of them is looking for opportunities to put down deep roots in the neighborhood. LMHQ provides them a central location to meet, collaborate and accelerate their growth,” said Jessica Lappin, President of the Alliance for Downtown New York. “We have assembled an incredible number of partners and supporters who are committed like we are to supporting this ecosystem and building a sustainable new workforce in New York City.”

“LMHQ is the natural evolution of an effort that began three years ago to support this growing community of innovators in Lower Manhattan and respond to their desire to collaborate across industries,” said Daria Siegel, Director of LMHQ. “The days of having to head to a coffee shop to hold a meeting are over. And by providing unique programming year round we can help both start up and mature companies address many of the challenges they face when it comes to issues such as work-life balance, culture creation, workplace design, human resources and regulatory hurdles. ”

To kick off the launch, LMHQ is hosting #OFFSITE, a three-day festival for the public that will take place from Wednesday, June 24 – Friday, June 26 and will feature a variety of programs that explore the boundaries between work and life. The festival will highlight panelists from several partner companies and guests to speak about innovation in the workplace and how creating collaborative, open work spaces can change the professional landscape.

"LMHQ’s mission is to advance the economic vitality of Lower Manhattan,” said John Paul Farmer, Director of Technology & Civic Innovation at Microsoft. “We see a lot of promise in what LMHQ is doing to break down silos across sectors – an approach that mirrors our own. Between the cross-sector collaboration, cutting-edge technology resources onsite, and the proximity to City Hall, we expect the opening of LMHQ to be a massive step forward for New York’s civic tech community.”

Over the past six years, Lower Manhattan has become a magnet for tech, advertising, media and information (TAMI) companies. There are now 800 of these companies taking advantage of the area’s diverse, affordable office spaces, access to talent and proximity to subway, bus, ferry and bicycle service. From 2011 – 2014, Lower Manhattan captured one third of Manhattan’s TAMI leasing activity and from 2010 to 2014, the number of TAMI employees in Lower Manhattan has gone up 71%. In 2014, more TAMI companies relocated to the area than in the previous five years combined, according data from the Downtown Alliance.

Microsoft outfitted the space with the latest in technology, including Surface Pro 3 tablets, Xbox One consoles, Kinect sensors, Skype Translator and more. WB Wood, a leading distributor of Herman Miller, is the premier furniture partner of the space. Another key feature is the 4,000 square feet of IdeaPaint installed throughout the space to foster collaboration.  Members will be able to work on the wall in every conference room and on specially designed columns in the common areas. IdeaPaint will also be revealing BOUNCE, its brand new app, for the first time at the festival.

“Innovation often stems from strategic alliances, incidental connection, and creative collaboration,” said Scott Anderson, Founding Partner, Control Group. “LMHQ was designed to foster these relationships by bringing together Lower Manhattan's top talent, entrepreneurs, and companies to share insights and develop ideas that help accelerate growth and achieve collective business goals.”

“From its affordable offices spaces to its easy transportation access to its diverse atmosphere, Lower Manhattan is the it destination for entrepreneurs and businesses in the tech, advertising, media and information sectors," said David S. Rose, Managing Director of the AREA Accelerator and Founder of New York Angels. “LMHQ was built for the modern worker, and as an entrepreneur myself, I understand the value of having a space that fosters innovative and collaborative thinking. Being able to access a 'third space' in an area that promotes the entrepreneurial lifestyle is ideal for myself, my partners and the next generation of leaders who take part in AREA's unique real estate technology accelerator program.” 

LMHQ will offer both individual and company memberships as well as drop-in opportunities. Founding members include Pace University, Lower Manhattan technology company Control Group and AREA Founder and entrepreneur David S. Rose.  

For more information visit www.lmhq.nyc.