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So I know by now you have all marked your calendars and waited with anticipation for our open house days. Well – they’re upon us! (And don’t put away your planner just yet – you have another don’t miss date to write down.)

Yesterday was day one and we had great turnout. Of course, I hope everyone loved the space as much as I do. I expect to spend many hours hanging out in the lounge in our awesome swivel chairs. If you haven’t been able to swing by, you’re in luck – there’s still time. We will be hosting another open house day today and also on Monday the 30th.

I imagine many of you freelancers will be distracted by all the family obligations – all that turkey, stuffing, and of course football that takes place over Thanksgiving – you’ll probably need an opportunity to buckle down and get some work done following this indulgent holiday. Well, come on over to the Hive on Monday, November 30th and get down to work – it’s the last of the open house days, and an opportunity to see the space, take a tour, have your questions answered, and of course, work (by the way, you are always welcome to just pop-in to the Hive at any time and do any of the above as well!)

I know you have been waiting patiently to hear about this “don’t miss date,” so I won’t lead you on any longer:

We’re having a party…and everyone’s invited!

That’s right, it’s our inaugural party, and I’m sure it’s just one of many to come. After all, the Hive isn’t just about work – it’s about having fun and meeting some new people too.

Tuesday, December 8th

6pm – 9pm

55 Broad Street, 13th Floor

Please RSVP to attend: [email protected]

So come celebrate with us – meet some of the behind-the-scenes people who have helped create the Hive, meet some of our sponsors, and talk to us about your ideas to make the Hive a perfect place – it’s your space too and we want to make it great!

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