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image_rach As summer started winding down (sniff), I felt as though I didn’t take full advantage of the beautiful weather we had. Oh, I took a couple vacation days here and there, I enjoyed poolside weekends, and I even attended some of the awesome free summer events NYC is known for. But I still felt as though it’s slipping away.

I needed to find a way to squeeze every last drop out of the sun-soaked days that remain.

So I made a promise that I would unshackle myself from my desk and take a lunchtime stroll. And on days that I wasn’t snowed-under with work, I would even eat outside. I’d say that about four out of five days a week, I kept my promise and ventured into the blinding sunshine to breathe a little non-recycled air.

What a difference a few minutes can make! I explored Downtown – weaving in and out of tourists – and staked claims to benches and staircases all over the district. The Trinity Church cemetery became a favorite, as I could usually find a bench or at least a spot on one of those huge memorials. Wednesdays, you could find me at Zuccotti Park so I could check out The River To River Festival’s “Lunchtime Music at Zuccotti Park.” I even ventured down to Battery Park to watch the ferries and enjoy the waterfront that is such an amenity of Lower Manhattan.

Having worked in Midtown, I can truly appreciate the parks, plazas and waterfront vistas of Lower Manhattan. “Having lunch outside” in Midtown means going to Patsy’s on 3rd Ave and waiting half an hour for one of their three outdoor tables. “Taking a stroll” means dodging the crowds and town cars on a mission for some udon noodle soup.

Here, I can actually find a park that’s not in the middle of a main intersection. Downtown truly is unique in the bounty of beautiful and often historic public spaces that dot our district.

So slap on some sun block, grab a sandwich and enjoy the last days of summer. I’ll see you out there.

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