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Category: Office

Lower Manhattan Office Relocations, Q1 2022

A list of companies to have relocated their office space to the Lower Manhattan Business Improvement District since 2005, ranked by square footage...

Lower Manhattan Indicators, Q1 2022

Real estate, data and employment data across Lower Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan’s Largest Office Tenants 2021

A list of the largest private and public-sector office tenants, ranked by occupied square footage, in the Lower Manhattan Business Improvement...

Bike Infrastructure And Commuting In Lower Manhattan

The Alliance for Downtown New York is pleased to release a report detailing the importance and growth of cycling, as an alternative transportation...

Healthcare and Nonprofits in Lower Manhattan

More than 1,000 tenants in the healthcare and nonprofit industries are in offices south of Chambers Street. These sectors have grown significantly...

Surging Ahead: Lower Manhattan’s Economic Revival and What It Means for New York

This report covers the major advances in Lower Manhattan’s economy expected over the next five years as a result of post-September 11...

The Brain Gain Report 2012

Learn about how the regionÍs shifting demographics are favoring the Lower Manhattan business district.

The Brain Gain, Appendices 2012

The Appendix to The Brain Gain Report.

The Brain Gain Report, 2015 Update

An updated report on how the region’s shifting demographics continue to favor the Lower Manhattan Business District. Previously released in 2012,...

The Brain Gain, Appendices

The Appendix to The Brain Gain Report.